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Lary Grimaldi
Hannah Boudreau

Vice President for Elementary Schools James Zander 2020-2023
Vice President for Middle Schools Gina Harris 2021-2024
Treasurer Jim Hayward 2021-2024
Recording Secretary Debbie Cooper 2021-2024
Ethnic Minority Representative Riley Hoerner 2021-2023
Ethnic Minority Representative Juan Domecq 2022-2024
Member at Large Jenny Raia 2022-2024
Member at Large Kara Sakellaris 2021-2023
Region 46 Representative Jim Hayward 2021-2023
Region 46 Representative Gabby Rosenblum 2021-2023
Region 46 Representative Hannah Boudreau 2022-2024
Region 46 Representative Stephanie Suerth 2022-2024
Appointed Minority Caucaus Rep


Membership Chair Debbie Cooper 2020-2023
Legislative Chair    
Grievance Chair    

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