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Oak Park Teacher's Association is comprised of approximately 500 educators who work to support the students and community of Oak Park, Illinois. Members of the OPTA are supported by the Illinois Education Association (IEA), which is an affiliate of the National Education Association (NEA). The purpose of the OPTA is to advance public education in Oak Park and Illinois and to promote the welfare of OPTA members.

Top 6 Reasons to Opt in!

Increased Pay & Benefits

There is power in numbers. Belonging to your association gives you greater influence over the decisions that affect your students, your classroom, and your career.

Improved Working & Student Learning Conditions

Your association empowers educators to advocate for smaller class size, input into curriculum, and safe buildings. These working conditions mean a better learning environment for your students!

Positive Change At Your School

Your association can work with the administration as a partner and collaborate with parents and community organizations to resolve issues in your school. As an educator who works with the children, you can work with administrators to solve the problem.

Enhanced Rights

A collective bargaining agreement is an enforceable legal document that protects your rights. It contains formal procedures for advancing grievances with support of an expert. Your association will always be there to offer guidance, advice, and representation!

Improved Professional Practice

Your local helps you advocate fro access to high-quality professional development and increased collaboration time so you can imporve your practice. Your association can work with the administration to devleop mentoring and other support from experienced colleagues.

Member Benefits

Improve your buying power and save money with NEA's Member benefits program that offers extensive member-only benefits and discounts.

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