OPTA Elected Positions

OPTA offers several opportunites for its members to become involved at a leadership level. Elected positions are available on the Executive Board,  Association Represenatives, and Education Council. Please read below about the available positions or click on the links to the right to see your current Elected Leaders.

Executive Board

The Executive Officers shall be elected and serve no more than three consecutive terms in the office to which elected. 


Executive Board Officer Positions

President-3 year term

Vice President of Elementary-3 year term

Vice President of Middle Schools-3 year term

Treasurer-3 year term

Secretary-3 year term

4 Region 46 Representatives-2 year terms

2 Members at Large-2 year term

2 Ethnic Minority Represenatives-2 year term

Association Representatives

The Association Representatives shall be active members in the Association elected by each building in the district to provide two-way communication between the Association and the members, distribute materials to members personally, and conduct informative meetings. Each building may elect more than one Association Representative, and all Association Representatives may attend meetings of the Association Representative Assembly; provided, however, that each building may cast only one vote on matters voted on by the Association Representative Assembly. The Association Representatives shall recruit volunteers for Association jobs and activities and generate support for Association positions and programs. The Association shall provide training for Association Representatives, keep the Representatives informed of the Association activities and positions and provide incentives for attracting and retaining Representatives.

Education Council

Education Council shall be composed of:

  • President(s} and Vice President(•} of the OPTA
  • Superintendent
  • One OPTA member elected from each building
  • Two minority members elected at-large Administrators appointed by the Superintendent
  • A representative from special education 


Half of the Education Council members shall be elected each year to a two-year term.

Even # Years Odd # Years
Hatch Beye
Irving Brooks
Julian Holmes
Longfellow Lincoln
Mann Whittier
Minority-At-Large Minority-At-Large
Special Education  

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