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Building Represenatives Term
Beye Chelsea Hosler and Mandy Von Bokern 2022-2024
Brooks Katy Alejos and Georgia Tsaganos 2022-2024
Hatch Andrew Righeimer 2023-2025
Holmes Jessica Colella, Jennifer Jaros, and Mike Dolan 2022-2024
Irving Kara Sakellaris and Sue Tresselt 2023-2025
Julian Kelly Good 2023-2025
Lincoln Corynne Romine 2022-2024
Longfellow Allison Nelson, Lindsay Golemes, and Molly Graber 2023-2025
Mann Jim Hayward and Stella Turi 2023-2025
Whittier Julie Dunn and Natalie Campbell 2022-2024

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