Negotiations Committee & Bargaining Team

The Negotiations Committee shall explore and prepare programs as necessary in all areas of employee welfare, contractual and otherwise. The committee shall solicit input from the membership as a whole.


The Bargaining Team will be selected by the Executive Board at least 6 months prior to the expiration date of the current contract. The application process will be opened 8 months before the expiration date of the current contract. Members will be selected according to a process decided by the Executive Board.

Sick Leave Bank Committee

The Sick Leave Bank Committee is the governing committee responsible for administering the Sick Leave Bank, which includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Making eligibility determinations;

  2. Determining the number of days granted to each applicant;

  3. Ensuring that days are granted in accordance with contractual guidelines and legal requirements;

  4. Maintaining Sick Leave Bank applications for up to three (3) years and shredding all confidential documents at the end of that time.

  5. Recording and reporting use of Sick Leave Bank days to Human Resources

Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee shall be responsible for monitoring and enforcing the contract. It shall assist members in the application of the grievance procedure. It will make recommendations whether to arbitrate grievances to the Executive Board.

Insurance Committee

The purpose of this committee is to discuss and make decisions regarding the health insurance benefits that all district employees can access. Representation on this committee includes administration, the Board of Education, teachers, secretaries, teacher assistants, and custodians.

Minority Caucus

The mission of the OPTA Minority Caucus is to foster rapport among minority teachers by seeking out opportunities to connect and mentor each other as well as to facilitate discussions that arise regarding racial equity within our district.

Legislative/IPACE Committee

The Legislative Committee shall work with IEA Government Relations to help promote activities, which lead to the passage of desirable state and federal legislation for schools. At the Local Level the committee will interview and make recommendations for Board of Education Members, referendums, and other local elections. 

Calendar Committee

The purpose of the Calendar Committee is to establish the district calendar for a given academic year. 

PERA/ Teacher Evaluation Committee

The purpose of the Teacher Evaluation is to review and reflect upon teacher evaluation tools.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee shall implement an Association welcome for all newly hired employees, ask each newly hired employee about their goals and interests; it shall inform the potential member of the policies, programs, and accomplishments of the local, state, and national Associations which support those goals and interests and of the opportunity for the potential member to participate in and influence the life

of the Association.


The Chairperson for Membership is responsible for tracking who is and is not a

member for purposes of ongoing recruitment of members; and shall conduct an annual review /or reconciliation of the local’s membership roster to the IEA membership roster to ensure that all members are included and appropriately classified.The chairperson is responsible for working with the district’s payroll office to coordinate the payroll deductions for dues and with the OPTA Treasurer to make certain that all dues monies are paid promptly. 

Communications/Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee shall be responsible for planning and implementing the Public Relations activities of the local association. The Committee assimilates and gathers information of interest to members and publishes the information as necessary. The committee will also maintain a website for members, as well as an e-mail mailing list of members.


Early Career Committee

The Early Career Committee shall meet to identify the needs and topics of interest to those in their first through tenth year in the field of education and provide support to them through social events, mini PD, and networking.


Social Committee

The purpose of the OPTA Social Committee will be to plan and organize 2-3 social events for our members each year. This committee will brainstorm a variety of outings, research potential sites and costs for outings, and publicize the event to our members.


Elections Committee

The committee has as its duty to establish procedures for nomination of candidates, ensure dissemination of publicity concerning all elections and the names of candidates to all OPTA members, and develop rules for the conduct of the election and tabulation of ballots subject to the approval of the OPTA Executive Board. The OPTA Elections committee will conduct local, region, IEA-RA, NEA-RA, and contract ratification elections. The Elections committee shall also hear initial challenges regarding election of any OPTA position.


Bylaw Review Committee

It is the responsibility of this committe to review the OPTA Bylaws for the purpose of considering any additions and/or revisions which may be deemed necessary and advisable by the OPTA Executive Board. The committee must also ensure we are aligned with the IEA and NEA bylaws. The committee is also charged with preparing and revising the Bylaws presentation if needed.

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Oak Park Teachers Association Managed by the Communications Committee